The quality of constructing administrative and commercial spaces due to their close relation to a wide range of community results in significant cultural, economic and social feedßbacks. Therefore, the smart pillars of public projects from the very beginning of design and correct implementation of the design, construction and supply will show a widespread impact. SDM is one of the private sector pioneers in this field. Isfahan Park commercial and administrative complex occupying over than 50,000 square meters, was financed, constructed and put into operation in the years 1977-1980 by this company.


Commercial& Admisistrative Complex of Isfahan Park
Location: Isfahan Province; Client: Mr. Sharifi and partners; Cost: 2,500million IRR; Remarks: Project Area=50,000 m2


Administrative Buildings of Chadormalu Iron Ore Complex
Location: Yazd Province; Client: Iran National Steel Co.; Cost: 2,000 million IRR


Second development plan of Retrofit and Repair in Iranmehr Hospital
Location: Tehran province Client: Pezeshkan-e-Mehrafarin Company (Ltd.) The cost is about 90 billion IRR implemented in an area of 3300 m².