Who we are

In recent 40 years, SDM Construction Company has been developing country’s infrastructure projects by creating a prominent structure and authentic organization in the construction industry. This company is subsidiary of Tirage Group Holding and offers a wide range of technical and engineering services in railway, tunnel, dam, mine and massive industrial building fields. Successful completion of over 30 major projects has provided this group with valuable experiences and now it has significant capacity to execute strategic plans as well as exporting technical and engineering services regarding its prospect of achieving a global position and implementation of authentic management systems.

Executing some specific projects such as the longest steel box-girder bridge with length of 485 m in Isfahan-Shiraz railway project, implementation of 2400 m long tunnel in Mashhad-Sarakhs railway project, extraction more than 60 million tons of iron ore from Golgohar mine, construction of principal routes in Bafgh-Mashhad railway, Qom-Kashan highway, Qazvin-Rasht highway and many vital ways of transportation of this territory are noteworthy glories of SDM company.

Good Reputation

Our managers are particularly committed due to the good reputation and glorious history of the complex
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Execution of Specific Projects

Construction of the longest and most special steel Box-girder bridge, Construction of one of the longest railway tunnels in Iran, etc.
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Among famous contractors with record of 40 years, SDM Company raises in all fields.
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Our best features in 40 years of experience in construction industry
Km of main road
M tunnel
Km Railway
M2 of industrial, commercial and office buildings


We believe that accelerating innovation in projects is beneficial to customers.

Quality and Compliance

We are interested in sublimation and concern about best fulfillment.


Our mission is to protect human and environment from damages.

Creative Interactions

We establish perfect and long term relations with partners, contractors, suppliers and counterparts.

Sustainable Development

We strive to improve the quality of life by respecting native cultures, employing local people and protecting their ecosystems wherever we work.
Social Missions

Supporting rare disease and cancer patients

Assisting Sahebol-Zaman Quran House in Eghlid city

School building in Islamshahr, Boustan and Golestan

Constructing educational complex of Abarkuh Technical School as a benefactor

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