Execution of Specific Projects

According to the articles and news, the Izad-Khast Railway Box Girder Bridge, in Isfahan-Shiraz Railway with seven spans of 40 and 60 meters width and five spans of 77 meters width and total length of 485 meters is the longest bridge of its kind in Iran. Executive operations of this bridge were carried out in 2008 by experts of the SDM Co.

Praising the efforts of the company to accomplish the huge Bafgh-Mashhad Railway Project, one of the major projects in the field of transport infrastructure, SDM has received a letter of appreciation from the minister of Road and Transportation. Bafgh-Mashhad project is one of the most important transportation corridors and the most economic project in the eastern part of the country, which has been performed on an impassable path applying many bridges and structures.

Mashhad-Sarakhs Railway Section 4 was constructed by SDM in the early 1990s. Performing tunnel number one with 2340-meter long as one of the longest-continuous tunnels is a glorious engineering achievement in our complex. The company has received a letter of appreciation from the minister of Roads and Transport, Mr. Akbar Torkan, for the efforts of the experts of the company in implementing and exploiting this strategic plan.