Start of Birjand-Younesi Railway Construction

Zahedan-Birjand Railway Construction Project and its connection to Bafgh–Mashhad railway is an important and strategic project. This project with the length of 901km starts from Zahedan and reaches Zabul City and Milk Zero Point, between Zahedan – Dashtak ,  passing along the Zahedan – Zabul highway. 

One of the most substantial goals of this project is establishment of the South-East to the North-East Corridor to increase capabilities of Chabahar Port and free zone, in order to transport more goods and passengers from Chabahar to Mashhad and subsequently to Central Asian Republics and to expand trade and transit of Chabahar Port to the Milk Border and Mahiroud border terminal between Iran and Afghanistan. Parts 1, 4 and 16 of this project are under construction and the opening ceremony of the Birjand-Younesi section, where the corridor connects Bafgh-Mashad Railway, was held in mid-October 2019 with the presence of the first vice president. Implementation and exploitation of this important route will certainly have a significant impact on the development of the eastern region of the country and will lead to prosper the economic and cultural potential of the region.