Our History

SDM was founded in Tehran in 1977 by a number of famous Iranian engineers and under registration number of 33850. In the 1980s and 1990s, due to the great demand for essential infrastructures, SDM Co. has undertaken significant role in fields of railway and road fields. Investments in construction of large commercial and social areas in 1980s with private sector funds and contributing with mining industry in 1980s are other achievements of the company. In 2000s, the successful participation in strategic projects continued with the construction of many railroads and highways, and after a short pause in 2010s, it was legally transferred to the large and authentic holding of Tirage Group. In recent years, SDM has re-entered the road and mining projects and is now one of the mining contractors at Gol Gohar iron ore mine. In the long run, given the ability of SDM and utilizing capabilities of Tirage Group Holding, we will be able to implement noteworthy development projects with remarkable quality inside and also outside the country.

The golden statue of seventy years of syndicate authority in appreciation of a lifetime of sincere efforts to promote the syndicate of Iranian construction companies in 2019.