Opening and Utilizing of the Mianeh-Bostanabad Railway

Mianeh-Bostanabad Railway in Mianeh-Tabriz route, an honorable case in the engineering history of Iran, opened in early December 2019. SDM Company, the contractor of section 5 of the Mianeh-Tabriz Railway, along with other contractors, has been a major contributor to this national honor.

Mianeh-Tabriz Railway is designed in about 203 km, where 132 km of it connects Mianeh to Bostanabad and the rest 70 km links Bostanabad to Tabriz. Given that its maximum speed is set at 120 km/h for freighter wagons and 160 km per hour for passenger wagons, the completion of this railway connects Tehran to Tabriz meanwhile reducing travel distance to 114 km and Q time to 5.5 hours.